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Stop Doing It Alone:Join The Only Mastermind Where Top Industry Experts Work With You 1-On-1 To Solve Your Biggest Problems
The Mimosa Mastermind: Creating Memorable, Lucrative and Luxurious Experiences For Successful Entrepreneurs and Industry Leaders

As business owners, we’re constantly in search of how to reach our goals and targets faster.

Speed wins.

Last year’s tactics are already dying and if you’re still using those tactics there’s a good chance your competition is closing the gap and only one or two moves away from catching and passing you.

That’s why Mimosa Mastermind is the secret weapon of many of the industry’s top companies, because what you learn here is information only top business leaders get access to.

Masterminds Need To Evolve To Truly Serve Today's Successful Entrepreneur

The global pandemic proved that virtual meetups will never replace the power of in-person networking and it also exposed that many of the live events need to change to be worth the travel.

The old ways of doing things are lacking in fun and often in integrity.

Sitting in a boring, freezing cold conference room all day…

Watching speaker after speaker pitch from stage under the guise of “teaching”…

Walking around scouring every face hoping to run into the right person to make the event worth it…

Joining the high end mastermind in the hope that this time, you will get the insane value you were promised, and not just lip service.

While it is true that successful business owners will always get their money’s worth from masterminds….

…they really only need one or two insider tips or great contacts to make the whole thing worth it.

But breaking even isn’t the goal.

Getting a massive return on your investment is the end goal.

And that is done by thoughtful curation, a customized experience, and by tapping into a community that has deep, meaningful relationships with one another.

But What IS A Customized Mastermind?


It means every person who attends Mimosa Mastermind has a totally different experience based on their company size, challenges, and opportunities.

That experience is determined by both data and intuition.

We know what is going on with every business at our event, because we actually care.

We do a deep dive into every company, looking for both, challenges we can help with, and opportunities we can help them leverage.

We don’t stop there… each attendee is then paired with a Mimosa Concierge, who will be their guide before, during, and after the event.

Our concierge plugs attendees into industry experts who can help solve their problems, on the spot, at the event.

BTW- Each of our hand-picked experts command a minimum of $10,000 A DAY for consulting, with most getting $60,000 A DAY, and you’ll be rubbing elbows with them for 4-days straight.

Imagine what it would do for your business if they were to help you fix those 1 or 2 issues holding you back from reaching the next level?

It is like “business surgery” for your biggest challenges… by the end of the event, that problem is cut out with surgical precision.

But don’t take our word for it, hear it directly from a recent attendee:

“Everyone’s here with a problem. And, everyone comes out more successful. That’s something I’ve seen differ from any other mastermind. The quality of the people here is outstanding as well. Everyone really knows what they’re talking about. I’ve connected with several big players and just learning from them was really huge. It’s definitely geared to people who want to scale into an eight to nine figure range!”

Walid Abdul Wahab
– Desert Farms –

The customization doesn’t just stop at the Expert 1-on-1’s…

We identify beforehand who you need to meet at the event, and personally introduce you…we don’t leave those important connections up to chance.

Your Mimosa Concierge and our expert staff makes sure you don’t have to work the room alone.

That’s the power of merging data with intuition…

We know our community really, really well.

We have deep relationships with our members and experts… you’ll see attendees partnering in business, supporting each other’s launches, and openly sharing incredibly valuable information that adds millions of dollars to members bottom line.

But it’s not ALL business… we hang out, too!

You’ll often see us hanging together at concerts, hosting a bachelor party, or celebrating a 9 figure exit together, like it was everyone’s win.

Because it IS everyone’s win… we believe a rising tide lifts all boats.

That’s what makes Mimosa Mastermind a referral only, relationship driven, value-focused mastermind.



We carefully curate the attendees at our events.

Frankly, these events aren’t for everyone… they’re for ambitious, high integrity 7, 8 , and 9 figure business owners, and their most important team members.

We know that if we put the right people together, we can change your business and your life, dramatically for the better.

You get ahead much faster with a community of like minded people who want, expect, and demand more of themselves and the people they surround themselves with.

They expect more from everything in their life, including the events they spend time at.

That’s why we created the first ever customized mastermind for 7, 8 and 9 figure entrepreneurs six years ago.

We Knew It Was Time For An Uplevel In The Way That Masterminds Are Done.

Because we know you and your business are incredibly unique…

…so your mastermind experience needs to be unique.

Wouldn’t you love to go to an event that:

  • Paired you with industry experts that will work with you 1-on-1 to help you overcome your specific obstacles, right on the spot?
  • Made personalized introductions to the people you need to meet, and not left that meeting up to chance?
  • Gives you a concierge to make sure your every need and want is met, so you can focus on learning, connecting, and growing your business?

If you answered YES to any one of these questions, keep reading… because you get so much more!

One of the greatest tools in business is the ability to condense time by tapping into the experience of others who are much further ahead in their business. Your ability to plug into powerful people who are in the trenches every day, growing multiple 7, 8 and 9-figure businesses is essential to staying ahead.


We connect our members with powerhouse entrepreneurs, giving them unrestricted access to PROVEN, game-changing business ideas.

In short, members form deep connections with the right people that lead to more revenue, more profit, and more wealth.


Your admission ticket plugs you directly into a community truly dedicated to your growth regardless of what level your business is currently at.

You’ll be immersed in a community of winners who want to help YOU.

In fact, we take part of the responsibility of the ROI and put it directly on our own shoulders.

We help you every step of the way by fully customizing and maximizing your time there.

Even your dietary restrictions are welcomed, and accommodated.

This may very well be the first time you don’t feel alone when it comes to making a BIG BUSINESS DECISION or nervous about attending a new event.

This is one of the many reasons we have one of the highest return rates in the industry… and why we have a business built entirely on referrals and word of mouth.

Why Mimosa Mastermind?

Simply put…


Our entire mission and purpose is to create an unrivaled and entirely unique experience in growth for our members.

That’s why we do things differently.

  • Attendees are not here just because they can afford a ticket, they're here because they're a great fit for the group. Anyone who isn’t a fit, gets their ticket refunded before the event begins with a loving referral to a group that will be better for their needs.
  • We will gladly kick those out who behave like little monsters (no matter how “big” or “important'' they are). Yes, sometimes “bad apples” get through, but we are guardians of YOUR TIME and YOUR ROI, and we commit to keeping the quality high at all times!
  • Hundreds of personalized introductions have been made to people inside our network, without expecting anything in return, simply because it's the right thing to do!

In fact, this year we are transcending heights never reached before to provide the ultimate experience for our members! (More on this below)


Introducing YOUR OWN Mimosa Concierge...

This year our members get their own concierge to help them have the most productive and most unforgettable experience.

Think of your concierge as your private event coordinator who is focused exclusively on making sure your experience at Mimosa is as rewarding and beneficial as possible.

Your concierge will assist you in helping match you with the experts you need to help you overcome your biggest challenges, ensure that you are assigned to the correct breakout rooms, or help identify your next BIG joint venture partner.

Their sole priority is to ensure your success and enjoyment at the event.

Your concierge will leave no stone unturned to make sure you get everything you need (and want) to maximize your success and enjoyment at the event.

They’ll be just a text or call away, ready to help at a moment’s notice.

This is all included as part of your curated Mastermind Experience… that is the level of service you need and should expect at an event these days!

Plug Into A Tribe Of Leaders


Not long ago, the word “networking” meany something special.

Now most masterminds use it as hype or BS, jamming a bunch of people in a room and expecting you to magically run into the people you need to meet.

At Mimosa, we’ve hand picked the experts and the attendees.

You were invited because we think you’ll get a lot out of your time with us, and because we believe you can contribute just as much.

Well, the experts are the same…

Each expert was chosen for their track record of success combined with their desire to deliver.

And when you join us, you get access to 100% uncensored trade secrets!

These secrets would normally cost you years of experience or a massive premium to pick these experts’ brains.

Just as a reminder…

Each of our hand-picked experts command a minimum of $10,000 A DAY for consulting with most getting $60,000 A DAY, and you’ll be locked up with them for 4-days straight. Imagine what it would do for your business if they were to help you fix those 1 or 2 issues that are holding you back from reaching the next level.

From the stage you will see and meet with experts in:

  • Increasing Exposure
  • Growing Revenue
  • Media Buying on Every channel
  • Buying and Selling Companies
  • Investing Profits
  • Developing Leadership Teams
  • Developing Leadership Teams
  • Massively Increasing Customer Acquisition

They have the BLUEPRINT for massive success and are ready to give you their EXACT STRATEGIES to ACCELERATE and SCALE your business IMMEDIATELY.

On top of that, our experts are passionate about helping you build your network and can even make important introductions to key players for you in their network.

This year is about DEDICATION. It’s about COMMITMENT. It’s about QUANTUM GROWTH! And most importantly, it’s about YOU!

We Never Cut Corners At Our Events...


5 star hotels…

Unique one-of-a-kind experiences…

The finest food, drinks, and entertainment.

Your ticket gets you VIP access to amazing parties with well-known DJs (no cheesy wedding DJ vibes here), celebrity chefs who create healthy menus, top shelf drinks and memorable experiences you would never get at a traditional event.

You get top experts onstage, top quality everything-else, and amazing people.

We believe that luxurious and unique events are just as important as the quality of the attendees and experts in the room.

Once you come to a Mimosa event I know you will agree that being treated like royalty from start to finish should be the new standard for all events.

Built In Value...

Over the past 6 months, we’ve been meeting and strategizing every week to identify areas to deliver mind-blowing value for EVERY attendee.

We challenge out team every year to put together a truly revolutionary event for business owners just like you, and that we will be proud to put our name on.

That’s why in 2022, We’re going ALL IN with:

100% CURATED Experience

Focused on delivering you an insanely high return on investment (our specialty).


Dedicated support to help get you connected and KEEP you connected (a Mimosa Mastermind exclusive).

Breakout Rooms *

Individual rooms to brainstorm and plenty of time to connect with the people you meet and have all those top secret take-over-the-world conversations.

High Caliber Experts

Chop it up with experts who are all major players with long term and duplicatable track records who are willing to share the good and bad so you can accelerate your progress and dodge landmines.

Implementation Time

Yep, you get to take the knowledge you are gaining and start putting it into practice in real time before you even leave the event. No more going home and being stuck with “what do I do now?”

Stellar Food and Entertainment

An abundance of delicious and healthy food to fuel inspiration and keep us mentally and physically energized.

Unique & Luxurious Locations

All events are hosted at unique and luxurious locations that you will be delighted by…secret places you’ll want to tell your friends about and share with family.

Access To A Podcast Studio *

We figured since our video crew was already there, why not set up a room so our members could shoot content for their Podcast or Vlog while at the event. What an awesome opportunity for our members to be able to interview some of the top performers in their space all while in person!

(And if you don’t have a podcast, imagine the exposure you could receive by being on 1 or 2 podcasts at our event. Many of our members get thousands of downloads per episode. Instant credibility and recognition!)

*Multi Day Event Only

And yes, of course, there’s plenty of OPEN TIME to RELAX, hang by the pool, enjoy your favorite drinks, have a long delicious meals, and plenty of time to call your family and tell them about what you’re learning that’s going to improve their lives… without feeling rushed or having FOMO.

Expect much more implementation time and less “talking at you from the stage” time.

After doing this for 6 years, we know that what works best is to give you focused work time with industry experts, and then curate a little mingle time.

Everyone in the room are players (including you), and we know the more time you have together, the better.

Plus, all main stage speakers will be crowdsourced and the breakout rooms will be determined by what the biggest challenges each group is facing in order to maximize our time in sessions.

That means whoever is onstage in front of everyone is there because our attendees want to hear their valuable information – NOT because they paid to be up there or because they’re friends of the hosts.

Who Is Mimosa Mastermind For?


It’s no accident that you landed here.

You have either been personally invited by us or by someone we trust.

That means you are seen as a high quality and high performance individual, and here, we value quality over quantity every day of the week.


Mimosa Mastermind is for D2C, ecommerce, and internet businesses doing 7, 8, and 9 figures that want a customized and focused experience with experts in the industry.

So if you…

  • Are someone who strives to exponentially grow your business, make more money, reduce time spent on low-level tasks, and want to have FUN while doing it…
  • Know that tapping into the experience of other 7, 8, and 9 figure business owners will allow you to COMPRESS TIME and achieve significantly greater success over the coming months…
  • Want to come to events that spare no expense to get you a big ROI while surrounding you with great food, wonderful people, in a beautiful venue...

Then grab your ticket now because we’re committed to helping every attendee scale!


How Do We Ensure A Great ROI On Your Time And Money?

Quite simply, as soon as you purchase your ticket, you now have a partner…

This is a proven, reputable, and highly curated community ready to invest in you, before you even walk in the door.

We’ll be diving into your business to identify where your challenges and opportunities are, and then strategically and precisely pair you with our experts who have “been there done that” and grown companies to 8 and 9 figures within months, who will be giving you proven insider strategies that are currently working to help you solve your problems.

Every element of your experience is tailored to you…

From who you sit with (your seating will be well-thought-out, so you can foster the right relationships) to what your dietary restrictions are.

You WILL be surrounded with, and hanging with the people who can most effectively propel your growth.

Here’s a glimpse into just a small sample of our members’ growth…

"If you’re dedicated to turning your 7- or 8-figure business into an 8- or 9-figure business or turning your “business” into a recognizable “brand” and MASSIVELY increasing the number of people your company reaches this year, then grab your seat now."

We have sold out every year, and this year will be no exception.

The seats for this year’s events are EXTREMELY LIMITED.

Year after year, our return rate of members is over 70% which leaves only a handful of tickets for new members.

Limited capacity for each event means only a fraction of the people who want to attend will have the opportunity because when the spots are filled, they are filled.

We close the doors weeks in advance to give ourselves time to customize every member’s experience… from what experts they will be meeting 1-on-1 with, to what breakout rooms they need to be in.

That takes time and attention to detail, and it cannot be rushed.

The customization is real, as is the fact that these events sell out every year.

If you know that being part of an event like this could change your business and your life, then save your seat now, because it is highly likely that if you come back later, we will be sold out.

Are you ready to learn from, and interact with, industry experts who can help you grow your business to the highest levels in record time?

Are you ready to become part of our community and re-wire what you even thought was possible with the help of the most innovative and powerful players in the industry?

If the answer is “YES” then lock in your spot at our Mimosa Mastermind 2022 events now.

What Mimosa Mastermind Events Are Happening In 2022?

We have two amazing events that I know you will absolutely love.

First is the High End HoeDown in San Diego, California on September 26th

This event is currently on a waitlist only!

It’s the day before Traffic and Conversion, and the industry insiders know that Mimosa San Diego is where they’ll find the top T&C speakers hanging out and kicking back with the founders of the fastest growing companies in the industry.

This year, it’ll be emceed by the co-founder of T&C Perry Belcher, and top CRO expert Amanda Dobson!

Second is the Vision Of The Future in Miami, Florida on November 1-4th

>>> at the 5 star luxury 1 Hotel South Beach <<<

A spectacular 4-days devoted to getting you the life and business you’ve always wanted.

Both events are for business owners or high level team members of 7, 8 and 9 figure companies only… and we vet every attendee carefully.

If you are not a fit for the group, we will point you in another direction of masterminds that would be a better fit for you, and refund your money.

We are that serious about the quality of the group, and the experience of every member who joins us.



Amber Spears

Owner, Co-Founder of Mimosa Mastermind

Amber Spears is recognized as an industry expert in affiliate and partnership marketing, as well as a prolific connector and networker. She is the co-founder of East 5th Avenue, a world class affiliate management education and marketing company. Amber is also the owner of Mimosa Mastermind and the co-founder of Advanced Business Growth.

Amber and her companies have been responsible for over $440 million dollars in affiliate marketing sales for her clients, and her deep well of high quality relationships are unparalleled in the D2C, direct response, and internet marketing industry.

Amber is a highly sought after trainer, coach, and keynote speaker. She has spoken on and been the keynote on stages like: Traffic and Conversion, Affiliate Summit West, War Room, and Affiliate Summit Europe. Her clients past and present include: Clickbank, Agora, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Izabella Wentz, The Truth About Cancer, Ari Whitten, Venus Factor, The Tapping Solution, Mindable, TrueGenics, and many others.


Chris Guerriero

Chris Guerriero is a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, philanthropist, and equity holder in companies across a variety of industries including health, medical, digital advertising, legal and real estate. He’s been featured in financial periodicals such as Bloomberg, Success Magazine, Inc, and Entrepreneur as a top entrepreneur of our time. He’s a bestselling author and the host of the Built To Grow podcast.

In the trenches every day, Chris has built 11 companies, four of which are 8-figure companies, and acquired, sold, invested in, and advised over a hundred other high-growth businesses.

Many top names in marketing, personal development, and politics credit the advice from Chris as the main reason their products or brands smoothly and rapidly scaled.

High End (1200 × 600 px)

SEPTEMBER 26, 2022

Join Us The Day Before Traffic & Conversion for the One Day Only High End HoeDown to build some serious ROI ahead of the conference in Sunny San Diego.

High End (1200 × 600 px) (1000 × 1200 px)

SAN DIEGO - Sept 26
+ MIAMI - Nov 1-4

Secure Your Seat in Miami and Join the San Diego Wait List For Monumental Busines Growth in 2022 and Beyond.


Miami, FL
November 1-4, 2022

The Mimosa Mastermind flagship 4-day event where we will be working closely with you to help you get the life and business you’ve always wanted.

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